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Solution focused coaching

The solution focussed approach in coaching has become increasingly popular with managers wanting to improve the performance of their team members. Unlike the GROW model, which focuses in detail on the problem that's being presented, the solution focussed approach looks simply at finding what works.

The OSKAR model takes a collaborative approach to discovering what your team member wants, or feels is achievable, as well as ensuring that you get the outcome you want. It emphasises progress and positive achievement, which can often be more motivating.  

This approach focuses on small achievements and steps which can be helpful in tough team or organizational situations, where you need to encourage someone to achieve larger goals, one step at a time.







OSKAR stands for:


Ask your team member what result they would like to see as a result of the coaching. Alternatively you could ask them to describe the ideal scenario they would like to achieve.


Ask the coachee to asign a score from 1 to 10 on where they are now in relation to achieving this outcome.


Ask what skills and resources the coachee has that will help them achieve the outcome.

Affirm & Action

First reflect back the skills, knowledge and attitude that will contribute to them achieving the outcome. 

Next, ask the coachee to identify small steps they will need to take to move higher up the scale in achieving the outcome.


At the start of a follow up session ask what has happened that may have moved the coachee up the scale. Also ask to identify what has helped them move up the scale.


Benefits of OSKAR

This model is positive and progress-focussed so it prompts a high level of motivation for the coachee. It can also foster a more positive relationship with your team member that will transfer into daily working life.

Another great aspect of this model is that it can be very effective even in short one to one meetings. Spending just 15 minutes on the OSKAR model at the beginning or end of a monthly one to one meeting will have a dramatic impact on the performance of your team members.