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Purchasing cards (P-cards)

Purchasing cards are a flexible way to buy goods and services. Benefits include being able to buy direct from the internet and local suppliers, enabling more efficient purchasing and better pricing.

Please ensure you have visited each of the pages below and familiarise yourself with the appropriate policies before applying for and using your p-card.

Who to contact for help

Applying for a p-card


How to change card details


Training and policies


Roles and responsibilities:

There are two types of roles related to p-cards, read the following information to find out about the responsibilities for each.

Cardholders - are responsible for purchasing low value goods or services with suppliers, either face to face, online or by phone - for individuals or teams.

Reviewers - are responsible for confirming the cardholder's monthly transactions are justified purchases and have supporting documentation, such as VAT receipts. They make sure expenditure is in line with the budget for the cost centres provided. It is recommended that you have at least two reviewers able to approve your transactions (to cover for sickness/holidays etc.)