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GROW model

The GROW model is a simple framework to guide your questioning. 

  • T stands for Topic - where you decide what you want to talk about.
  • G is for Goal - where you agree what the coachee would like to achieve in the session. If they come up with a big issue, such as "I would like a promotion but I don't know if I have the right skills?", you may want to see what part of it you can realistically work through. 
  • R is for Reality - spend at least one third of your time on this part as it's an opportunity to find out what is happening at the moment and to understand what has already been tried.
  • O is for Options - as a coach it's very helpful to be persistent and to keep asking "What else?". You will find that the coachee comes up with more options than they expected and often the best one is the last one.
  • W is for Will - get the coachee to commit to some actions they can take away from the session.



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