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National and local newsfeeds and online booking management for training courses. Governors Online is the online system, brought to you by the East Sussex Governor and Clerking Service that will help schools keep track of their governing board's information in an efficient and timely manner, such as governor types, positions, terms of office and training.

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  • Governor communication and training
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  • Clerk administration and reporting
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Governor communication and training

The system allows individual governors to maintain their personal contact details, submit training course requests, view training undertaken and keep up to date with news and communications directly from the Governor and Clerking Service, at a time that is convenient to you.

Clerk administration and reporting

Clerks are able to view and submit changes to information relating their governing board; editing records online means that governor re-appointments, change of governor position as well as creating new governor records can be done instantly online with no need for submitting notification forms.

Clerks can use the system to manage the arrangements and documentation for governor meetings.

Clerks are able to produce various reports on their governing body which can be used to fulfill the requirements placed on governing bodies to publish on the schools website.

Membership only area

Membership to Governor Online provides governors and clerks a range of functions designed to save time and support the work of the governing board and clerk: 

This provides governors and clerks the following functions:

  • On-line booking for training courses 
  • On-line data management for contact details and training records 
  • On-line diary and document storage for meetings 
  • On-line reporting functions for governor training history suitable for Ofsted inspections 
  • On-line templates, model policies and guidance documents

Public area

This provides local and national newsfeeds and training course information. ► View here

Not sure if you have an account?

If you are a school governor in East Sussex and are not sure if you have an account or have forgotten your User Name or Password.......... Please contact the team