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Strategic leadership                 

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Culture, values and ethos – resources 

  • Guidance - Governors' Confidentiality

  • Protocol - Managing issues within the governing board

Decision making

  • Terms of Reference - Teaching & Learning Committee

  • Terms of Reference - Resources Committee

  • Two Committee Structure Guidance

  • Terms of Reference - Single GB (no committees)

Culture, values and ethos – resources 

  • Leadership continuity

Click here to access Disclosure of Interest forms and template to record the register of interests and governor attendance.



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Governor school visits

  • Governor visit guidance

  • Governor visit template

  • Example Governor Visit Policy

  • DSL Report to the Governing Board

  • Prevent Risk Assessment Guidance 2018

External accountability

Safeguarding Governor Information and updates

  • Safeguarding Newsletter (30th April 2018)

  • Safeguarding Governor Network Minutes (23rd April 2018)

  • Safeguarding Newsletter (17th July 2018) and resources



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Governor recruitment

  • Finding the gaps - guidance and template

Governor induction

  • School information pack for new governors - template (was called Sample Governor Induction Pack)

Clerk recruitment and induction

  • Clerk information can be found under the Clerk Support section

Governor retention and succession planning

  • Succession breeds success: How to grow leaders in your governing board.


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School governor types and appointment - LA Maintained

  • Parent governor election process

  • Staff governor election guidance

  • Associate member  - a guide


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Statutory Information on a School Website

  • School Website Checklist - Maintained Primary School

  • School Website Checklist - Maintained Secondary School

  • School Website Checklist - Primary Academies

  • School Website Checklist - Secondary Academies

  • ESCC Disclosure of Interests form for governors and staff

  • Governor's Attendance Template

  • Governing Board Register of Interest

  • Complaints Toolkit

School policies 

  • ESCC Complaints Policy Template - September 2018

  • ESCC Policy Review Cycle - Maintained Schools

  • ESCC Policy Review Cycle - Academy Schools


Managing and developing governing board effectiveness

  • Governing Board Self Evaluation Toolkit
  • Governing Board Procedural Review

Clerk to governors support

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