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Expectations on governors and clerks

It is true that governors should work because of a belief in the value of education and not to please Ofsted or the Department for Education (DfE).

However, nationally the education sector and specifically governance has seen unprecedented levels of change in recent years and governing boards across the country must consider, now more than ever before, the impact this is having on individual governors, the clerk to the governing board and governance. 

It cannot be ignored that the DfE and Ofsted have clearly set out the expectations on all those involved in school governance in the following essential documents.

1.    DfE - Governance Handbook 

2.    DfE - Competency Framework for Governors 

3.    ESFA - Academies Financial Handbook 

4.    Ofsted - Improving Governance 

5.    DfE - Clerking Competency Framework 

The Governor and Clerking Service team take pride in providing essential and effective support for governors, clerks and the governing board in meeting the strong focus on expectation as set out in the above documents and also on how governors and governing boards will evidence during an Ofsted inspection, how they form part of the leadership and management of their school.

Expectations on governors

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Expectations on clerks

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                                                                       (DfE Competency Framework for Governance)