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We recognise that whilst the legal status and the associated legislation may differ between a maintained school and an academy or free school, governance is governance and the issues and challenges faced remain the same.

The Department for Education’s Governance Handbook, Academies Financial Handbook and Competency Framework for Governance clearly set out the expectations placed on skills and training required for effective challenge and accountability.

Our local experienced and skilled team understand these national expectations and the challenges faced by governors as volunteers.

We remain dedicated to providing governors and their clerk to governors, high quality, professional and timely training and support to assist in meeting the increasing demand for high-quality school Leadership and Management.


 Our services are designed to:

  • Support professional development

  • Develop effective governance

  • Support succession planning

  • Save governors and clerks time

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  • Recruitment and locum support

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  • Local support and guidance

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  • Discounted national advice and guidance

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  • Information and networking

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  • Individual governor and clerk development                  

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  • Chair of governors development

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  • Governing board development

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  • Governance reviews

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  • Membership and pricing

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  • Developing bespoke packages of support

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Recruitment and Locum Support 

  • Governor recruitment

Working with you, Inspiring Governance, Governors for Schools, local organisations and databases the service will focus on finding suitable volunteers that match identified weaknesses and your governance requirements.

  • Clerks to the Governing Board recruitment support

Our team can guide you through a governance review that helps identify targets for a new clerk and identify the number of contracted hours required to be effective prior to advertising. Focused on supporting your school’s recruitment campaign the team will provide you with model adverts, job descriptions, person specifications and interview questions. 

Please note - The team does not provide ESCC advertising or personnel services these can be purchased separately here.  

  • Governor and Clerk locum support service 

For those times when a clerk or governor is unable to attend a meeting or panel. The team will work with you to find a suitable and experienced emergency replacement for the clerking of meetings and/or governors for appeal panels.

Please note this is an introduction service only – The service cannot guarantee cover and any costs associated with travel/expenses and/or clerking hours worked will be invoiced to the receiving school.

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Local support and guidance

The team provide telephone and email advice on local issues affecting the governance of your school including procedural and legislative issues. 

Face to face support is available for more complex issues on a pay as you use basis or can be purchased within our annual package of support. 

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Discounted national advice and guidance

Enjoy membership benefits to the Key for School Governors’ advisory website at Local Authority discounted rates not available when purchasing directly.

The Key provides you with up-to-date, well researched, practical answers to questions on all aspects of general governance that empowers governors to quickly and easily develop their own knowledge by researching or posting questions

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Enjoy membership benefits to The National Governors’ Association (NGA)  Learning Link online training website at Local Authority discounted rates not available when purchasing directly.


The NGA, working with one of the UK’s top e-learning companies, Virtual College, operate Learning Link that provides users with access to over fifty modules developed by NGA’s expert team of policy and information specialists. 

Modules are comprehensive and cover a range of governance-related topics including: strategy, team work, assessment, staffing, financial oversight, elements of effective governance, compliance and collaboration to name a few.

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Activating your NGA Learning Link membership
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  • Registration is not immediate - if approved you will receive a notification email. Once you have registered, Learning Link will send you details of your password within one working day. 

    • Why the delay@f1 – Before access is approved NGA have to check that you are a governor of the school you are registering with.

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Information and Networking

  • Governors Online 
Membership to Governors Online provides governors and clerks a range of functions designed to save time and support the work of the governing board and clerk: 
  • Members only area
      This provides governors and clerks the following functions:
  1. On-line booking for training courses
  2. On-line data management for contact details and training records 
  3. On-line diary and document storage for meetings 
  4. On-line reporting functions suitable for Ofsted inspections 
  5. On-line templates, model policies and guidance documents
  • Public area

      This provides local and national newsfeeds and training course information.  

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  • Local Area Forums

A school to school approach, combined with the increased focus on school governance, will require governing boards to consider how all governors can work collectively across the wider ‘governor community’. 

The forums are designed to inform and update governors on current local and national issues through high quality presentations that facilitate discussion and information sharing among peers whilst providing the opportunity share best practice, to discuss and debate current topics, network and meet local contacts. 

Held three times per academic year the forums are jointly facilitated with the team and your local member/s of the East Sussex Governors Forum (ESGF).  

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  • Clerk Area Network Meetings

The role of an advisory clerk cannot be underestimated when considering the effectiveness of school governance. However whilst it is considered essential that clerks keep up to date with changes in the sector and identify good practice to make the most of the hours worked, it is recognised that the role can feel isolating when working independently of the school.

The network meetings aim to support and develop the role played by clerks in providing an opportunity for clerks to meet and discuss ‘hot topics’ and changes in legislation, share best practice and build a network of contacts across the county.

Held three times per academic year the forums are facilitated by one of the team. 

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Developing bespoke packages of support

Our team recognises the different models of governance in Multi Academy Trusts and offer the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements to develop a bespoke package of support for an annual charge.

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