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How coaching can help you

Coaching helps to unlock your ability to resolve problems or generate new ideas that will improve your performance. It is a short-term process that focusses on a specific situation you are facing to help you make sense of it. This will in turn enhance your personal efficiency and effectiveness along with your team's.


It can help you:

  • Identify and solve problems
  • Make decisions and set goals
  • Gain clarity in your thinking and commitment to your goals
  • Help you identify any beliefs you have that could be holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Build better relationships with your colleagues

See our examples of situations where coaching would be useful


Coaching is not

Coaching is not a form of personal therapy or counselling. If in the process of coaching it becomes clear that a personal issue is interfering with your ability to find solutions to the situation you are focusing on, you will be advised to seek free counselling which is offered as part of our wellbeing services.

Coaching is also not training. It is not about the coach telling, guiding or advising you how to resolve your situation. The principle behind coaching is that you have all the answers you need, and the coaching relationship provides you with the space to think about the situation from different perspectives and tap into the skills and experience you have. When approached in this way it becomes self-directed learning.


Find out who you can ask to be your coach and how it will be evaluated.


Take the introduction to coaching course to learn more about the techniques of coaching.


Complete the application form to apply for a coach and send it to the Organistional Development team, who will match you with a suitable coach. 



Coaching application form

Complete the form and send to coaching@eastsussex.gov.uk to be matched with a professional and skilled coach.