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Find out more about our qualifications and how we’ll support you through the process and help you balance learning with your day-to-day job.

All our qualification pathways:

  • Blend theory with on-the-job training to make sure you gain the knowledge you need in a practical way.
  • Will include training days to allow you to plan your qualification around your job.
  • Give you access to a range of resources to support your learning, such as websites and workbooks.

You will work with an assessor or mentor who will support you to understand the Standards and requirements for your qualification. They will undertake ongoing assessment with you to support your learning and development.

Most of our programmes take between 12 and 24 months to complete, although some courses also have a fast track option.  If you have already completed training that is relevant to the qualification or you can already evidence some of the required standards we will be able to take that into account in planning your programme of training.