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East Sussex Services 2 Schools

The Services 2 Schools Webshop is an online portal where new and existing School and Academy customers can explore and purchase content relating to one of our many schools traded services. 

The site provides a 'one stop shop' for everything relating to the wide range of services available under the Services 2 Schools banner. 

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The site is owned and operated by the Services 2 Schools team, part of East Sussex County Council (ESCC), and brings together services and associated content provided directly by ESCC, by the Public Sector partnership vehicle Orbis (a collaboration between the Business functions of East Sussex and Surrey County Councils, plus Brighton and Hove City Council), as well as various other partner organisations.

The Webshop contains the following information and resources:

  • Listings for each of the services available to purchase from ESCC Services 2 Schools.  Simple and easy to understand descriptions of each service, including team contacts, benefits of purchasing, and tailored pricing (available upon login)
  • Information held about your school or academy (for contact and pricing purposes)
  • Resources relating to the services your school or academy purchases - information previously found on CZONE - includes things like system user guides and spreadsheet toolkits for Schools Finance, plus Job Descriptions, Personnel Forms, Model Policies and so on for HR/Payroll services.
  • Plus - latest news, upcoming events and more.