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Benefits and testimonials

Our full range of services are designed to suppport and develop governors and clerks in meeting their roles and responsibilites at all stages of collectively achieving effective school governance.


Benefits for governors and clerks

Whether you are new to governance or an experienced member of the team our range of "pay as you use" services and annual subscription packages aim to encourage and support:

  • the awareness of and help ensure your governing board are meeting statutory requirements
  • the induction of new governors and clerks to be effective from day one
  • developing the knowledge and confidence of individual volunteers to be "active particpants" on your board 
  • developing the knowledge and confidence of clerks to fully dupport the work of your governing board
  • brokering governor to governor contact to netwrok and share best practice
  • using our time saving tools, templates, resources and information
  • effective succession planning, developing "dynamic leaders" from "active participants"
  • achieving timely self-assessment of the governing board's effectiveness
  • developing the effectiveness of governing boards


"The annual subscription was particularly useful and financially 'attractive 'enabling us to access a wide range of training, bespoke sessions and online support. The overall impact of the service we received over 2 years enabled governors to become increasingly confident and effective in their roles. The school was judged outstanding by Ofsted in June 2015."

Chair of Governors - East Sussex Free School

"Being able to speak to someone on the phone or drop a quick email makes the difficult task of being a Governor more manageable"

Chair of Governors - East Sussex Primary School

"We are delighted with the professional advice, training and support provided by the Governor and Clerking Service. We have always found the Service invaluable with advice; up to date on procedures and DfE initiatives and strong in the delivery of professional development for Governors"

Headteacher - East Sussex Secondary School

"I really do not feel that quality and consistency of governance in any school is possible without the kinds of support you have been able to provide."

Chair of Governors - East Sussex Special School

"I have felt that your collaborative and encouraging emphasis has enabled me to deal with some difficult situations in a professional and timely manner."

Chair of Governors - East Sussex Primary School

"The feedback was very speedy and gave me additional confidence when discussing this matter with certain governors at the subsequent GB meeting"

Clerk - East Sussex Primary school